Monthly Archives: September 2010

Quick, Call the Vet

Last week, CTPH trained about 30 Community Animal Health Workers (CAHWs) in and around Bwindi Impentrable National Park.  Many of the communities around the park have no veterinary officer or veterinary drug shop. Many of the farmers cannot afford the cost of the district veterinary officer travelling from district headquarters, a journey of 2 hours. With […]

It Takes a Village to Move a Zebra

He wandered onto the family’s farm about 2 years ago. Now as a mature adult, he is a threat to the family with his frequent biting. CTPH led the team to relocate him to the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre to expand their zebra population. In his new home.

Kyambura gorge, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda

CTPH founder and CEO Dr Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka and her wildlife-loving son Ndhego admiring the picturesque Kyambura Gorge where at least 15 of the 83 Hippos are reported to have died of Anthrax in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda. CTPH is part of the National Task Force that is battling the Anthrax outbreak.

Wildlife Conservationist starts young!

Baboons are one of the few species that is not threatened in Uganda; infact the government classifies them as vermin. So it is not surprising that on a recent trip to the national parks, our 17 month old son, Tendo, uttered “Baboo,” as his first real word in the animal kingdom. Tendo saw a troop […]